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An update regarding COVID-19

News 05 November 2020

Payan Bertrand S.A places the maximum priority on the safety and well-being of its employees, customers, and colleag...

Seize the scent of success with generation Z

News 09 October 2020

P&C Review Africa - Quarter 3 - 2020

From Perfumer to Doctors and going through the researcher...

News 09 October 2020

Press release Covid olfactive reeducation - 200924Télécharger

PAYAN BERTRAND invests on the future

News 29 September 2020

La Tribune Côte d'Azur - 09/2020

The role of the Fragrance compounder – The Big Book...

News 29 September 2020

by Bernard Maccini - Chief Perfumeur and head of the fragrance production site

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